The best English speaking eyelashes salon top 5 in Tokyo
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The best English speaking eyelashes salon top 5 in Tokyo

Many people have started living in Tokyo but have yet to find an eyelash salon to take care of their own eyelashes and eyebrows.

Here are some tips about English-speaking eyelash salons in Tokyo.

Please check this out and it helps you to find the best one.

BONDZSALON was introduced in this ranking as a popular international salon in Tokyo.

The Best hair salons in Tokyo with English-speaking and foreigner-friendly

Best hair salon in Tokyo top 20

How to find a good eyelashes salon in Tokyo

Check if there are many foreign customers

There are few English-speaking eye designers, but it would be best to go to a salon that actually attracts lots of foreign customers.

This is because, if there are many foreign customers, it means that the quality of service provided to foreigners is good.

Check SNS to see if there are any photos of you serving foreign customers

Check to see if there are actual photos from social networking sites that show foreigners offering eyelashes and other services.

If only photos of Japanese people are uploaded, it is highly likely that foreign customers are not actually coming to the salon.

The English level of the eye designer must be at least a daily conversational level

If the level of English of the eye designer assigned to you is too low after you have made an appointment, you will not be able to have a thorough consultation.
This makes it very difficult to get the ideal eyebrows and eyelashes you want.

The best  5 English-speaking eyelash salons in Tokyo

Now I would like to introduce the top 10 English-speaking eyelash salons in Tokyo.

Please check the list carefully and you will find the best one that suits you!




Google review 5,0☆
Address 〒106-0044 Tokyo, Minato City, Higashiazabu, 2 Chome−33−4 vao AZABU10 2F



“BONDZSALON is the best an international hair salon with English-speaking hair stylists and eye designer in Tokyo.Many of our staff have experience abroad, and many foreign customers visit our salon.
We offer eyelash and eyebrow designs to suit foreign customers, and we also focus on products and menus that incorporate international trends.
BONDZSALON is located in Azabujuban, surrounded by many embassies.
We have many clients who are expatriates, workers in Tokyo, and tourists who come to Tokyo to see the sights.”

Crazy Beauty

Google review 4,0☆
Address 〒150-0044 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Maruyamacho, 5−18 道玄坂スクエア 906
Phone 03-6416-1726

Tokyo eyelash Extension Salon Crazy Beauty has been featured several times on major television stations, and is located in the heart of the fashion district of Tokyo, Shibuya. Using a unique made-in-Japan medical-grade extension glue, the safety and duration of your lashes will last long after your visit. You can also choose from several unique designs including color lashes, and even crystal-coated lashes.

Procare Eyelash

Google review 4,9☆
Address 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−30−13 マルイ 本館 5F
Phone 03-5919-6133

Procare Eyelash provides a high skilled technique and top-quality products with the excellent service to the customers. These days Eyelash extension is a common tool for people who have a high sense of beauty. Instead of wearing a mascara and having false eyelashes, eyelash extensions give you more time rather than doing a full make up by yourself. Moreover, you can get “Ideal Eyes” in lots of design which we provide.Basically, the upper and lower eyelashes composed total 200 strands. We help you to change the image to make your eyes bigger, more beautiful attaching about 100 strands of extensions.It is difficult to find the best Eyelash Extension Salon these days. It might be an itchy and hurt if you have a miss-understanding of your own eyes. Here are professors of Eyelash Extension in Procare Eyelash, so that we can select and which design suit you among the hundreds of design. We attach the eyelash extensions not only on your healthy eyelash, but also the baby hair. You can absolutely get a beautiful attached line of 1.5mm from the root of the natural eyelash. We have a proud of that you can feel comfortable like not wearing extensions.

Elana Jade Beauty Spa


Elana Jade(@elanajade__japan)がシェアした投稿

Google review 5,0☆
Address 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Shinjuku, 3 Chome−30−13 マルイ 本館 5F
Phone 03-6453-9319

Want to wake up and not have to worry about putting on mascara to get luscious lashes? Our lashes are long lasting, clump-free and since we have many different lengths and curls, we can give you a natural or dramatic look! Eyelash extensions accentuate a beautiful look and are a great self-esteem booster!



EYE & NAIL THE TOKYO(@eyeandnailthetokyo)がシェアした投稿

Google review 5,0☆
Address 4 Chome-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022
Phone 03-6457-7743

Our Expert Beauty Therapist are specially trained in the latest advanced lash techniques using the finest high quality platinum serves include “the ultra-fine eyelashes 0.05mm.” (The latest fashion among foreign celebrities) to give you natural looking lash extensions for gorgeous volume and definition. All menus include eye treatment with moisture care(all the time your eyes are protected so you can enjoy and relax.)

How much does the cost of eyelashes service in Tokyo?

This is the price list of BONDZSALON.

Flat Lash 7000yen〜
Volume Lash 8000yen〜
Lash Lift 7000yen〜
Eye Brow Wax 7000yen〜
Hollywood Brow Lift 8000yen〜

Menu prices vary depending on the length of the treatment.
Please feel free to inquire.

How to set up an appointment?


Are you thinking about going to set up an appointment?

If you already know what design you like to get please go to an online appointment or phone call.

If you are not sure what design is good for you or which salon is better for you please go to the salon directly and talk with the eye designer face to face.

Or you can contact them by DM is a good way to a consultation about your eyelashes and eyebrow.

You can set up an appointment by

  • Call 
  • Mail or DM
  • Online appointment 

Looking for an English-speaking eye designer in Tokyo?


If you do not speak Japanese well you had better work with an English-speaking eye designer.

Consultation is the most important thing for hair service and some foreigners had a bad experience with miscommunication.

There are only a few international eyelash salons in Tokyo but some of them are not good at English.

You need to know about it’s not all International eyelashes salon is good English speaker.

If you try to find an English-speaking eyelash designer or salon in Tokyo, you will see eyelash salons that do not actually support English.

There are many cases of foreign customers who have come to our salons after searching through Google or SNS, only to be turned down because they do not speak Japanese.

To avoid this, it would be very convenient to find an eyelash salon that is firmly English-speaking and can beautifully apply eyebrows and eyelashes for foreigners.

BONDZSALON is a beauty salon and eyelash salon that many foreigners visit.

If you worry about it you had better to go the salon directly and check their consultation level and English level.


  • English level
  • Consultation skill

BONDZSALON is the best English-speaking eyelash salon in Tokyo

Thank you for reading this article.

Please let us introduce our salon “BONDZSALON”

It is famous as an international salon popular among foreign customers in Tokyo.

Our salons are also visited by celebrities and athletes.

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Please contact us by call, contact form, or DM from Instagram.

Contact form

Online appointment 

Instagram  @bondzsalon

BONDZSALON has branches in Azabujuban and Omotesando.
We mainly offer shiny hair menus such as hair straightening, and organic straightening that can make your hair smooth without damaging your hair such as keratin treatment.

Our hair stylists have worked in New York, London, Australia, Canada, and many other countries.

So we are good at balayage highlights and blonde colors.

Our hair salon receives many foreign customers.

This is because our stylists have experience working in New York, London, France, and other countries.

If you are looking for an international hair salon in Tokyo, please contact us.




Cherishair By Haruka Terry

Address:37 E 28th st #302 New York, NY