We believe that there is a kind of invisible wall between hairdressers and customers. We are hairdressers, but we treat our customers as human beings.I don’t think it’s a thing nowadays, but we remove the relationship between customers and hairdressers and build a relationship of trust as people to people. We believe this is our strength.


Our most important dream is the happiness and smiles of everyone.
The name of the salon, BONDZ (coined word), means “bond”.。
I chose “Z” for the last letter of the salon’s name to express my desire to weave connections between people until the end.
Each of our staff members has their own unique personality.
Our menu and prices are different for each of our staff, and we try to make the most of their individuality.
We are always striving to provide the best service to our customers.


  • 01 シルキートリートメント(髪質改善)

    01 Organic smoothing(Silky)

    ”Silky” is an organic treatment made of amino acids. This service is recommended for those who want to have naturally straight hair and do not want to damage their hair.
    It lasts for abount 6 months and is like a “hair straightening without damage to the hair”
    It does not contain any chemicals and is made with low ph,so it is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

  • 02 カラーファンタジー

    02 Color fantasy

    Color Fantasy, unlike conventional hair color, improves the scalp and hair quality
    This is recommended for people with thining hair due to color, people with weak scalp, people who dye their hair gray, and people who use color but do not want to damage their hair.
    This is the most advanced hair color that improves the quality of hair with moist and luster.

  • 03  薄毛改善メニュー

    03 In salon Hair loss treatment system

    We have introduced a menu for customers suffering from thining hair.Our hair stylists and doctors will support you untill your hair grows back,using online.
    A microscope is used to check the scalp environment,and a head spa menu is used to maintain a good scalp condition and create a good condition for hair growth
    We also offer services for women.


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