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Here are some tips for customers who are interested in getting Japanese straightening.

Before you get it done you might better know what is Japanese hair straightening is.

What is Japanese straightening?

Japanese hair straightening is a worldwide service started in Japan and it makes kinky, frizzy, curly, and wavy hair straighten.

This solution breaks down the hair’s bonds that give it shape, allowing it to become pin-straight when the flat iron is applied.

It still many peoples was concerned that Japanese straightening damaged hair because of chemical and ironing process.

But now the quality of the chemical getting much better than before and you can get shiny straight hair without damage.

Japanese straightening is good for people who love to get soft, shiny, and smooth hair.

All of our customers say 『Japanese straightening save my life and it manageable』

Why don’t you try?

How long does Japanese straightening last

Japanese straightening is permanent so once you get it done, it keeps straight hair permanently.

But sometimes people misunderstand that even you get Japanese straightening whole hair and new hair grow it out.

Then you might need to touch up roots part so it basically last 6 month is common.

What will my hair look like after Japanese straightening?


After Japanese straightening, your hair will appear smoother, shinier, and looks healthier than before.

You have to wait 48 hours to wash your hair after Japanese straightening and after wash, your hair keeps nice straight hair without ironing and blow-dry.

This is amazing and it helps many peoples’ lives.

But at the same time taking care of straightening hair is important as well.

When your hair condition is good your straightening hair keeps nicely but once your hair starts damaging straighten part getting dry and starts getting wavy sometimes.

Besides if you always ponytail or curl your hair straighten part will be ben or curly little by little.

Is Japanese straightening damaging?

Japanese straightening is a difficult hair service so if you like to get a nice straightening service you have to choose an experienced stylist for Japanese straightening.

The chemical is much better than before and it really helps stylists to make hair straight easier than before.

Even so, some of the customers got bad experiences with other hairstylists, and sometimes their hair fall or burned.

Although  Japanese straightening chemically damages hair, the result of Japanese straightening looks healthy.

Is Japanese straightening better than keratin?

Both services are good actually.

Japanese straightening is good with curly, frizzy, kinky hair types.

Keratin treatment is good for dry, weak curl and people don’t like pin-straight and lose volume.

The important thing is that you have to pick a suitable service for your hair condition.

Please ask your hairstylist about this and get one of them.

Can I have a Japanese straightening on colored hair?

Yes, you can get Japanese straightening done on hair-colored hair.

But if the color level is lighter tone, bleached hair we don’t recommend it.

Hair condition is very important for Japanese straightening and if you already have damage you had better get keratin treatment or organic smoothing treatment『Silky』

Most color such as semi-permanent or permanent color is generally not a problem, but heavily highlighted hair may not be suitable.

If you are not sure your hair is good or not please visit or mail our salon directly.

Can I straighten my hair after Japanese straightening?

Basically the first 72 hours after got a Japanese hair straightening treatment is very important.

During 72 hours hair perfectly becomes straight by neutralizing process.

You have to keep your hair straight as much as possible, so you should avoid tucking the hair behind your ears or pulling it into a ponytail.

After 72 hours you can do whatever you like to style.

What chemicals are used in Japanese hair straightening?

We use the most famous hair care brand 『Neo Liscio by Milbon 』

They have various products depend on hair type as thin, damage, curly type.

Their straightening product is major in New York and comes out with the best result with any type of hair.

How much is Japanese straightening?

TOP STYLIST 22000 yen 〜

This is perfect for people who are changing their style from curly or wavy hair to straight hair.

*Price changes depending on the condition of the hair and the design of the color.
*haircut is not included

Japanese straightening process

  1. Consultation 
  2. Shampoo
  3. Apply 1st solution
  4. Rinse out
  5. Ironing 
  6. Apply 2nd solution(neutralizer)

This solution breaks down the hair’s bonds that give it shape, allowing it to become pin-straight when the flat iron is applied.

The hair is saturated with the solution, rinsed, dried with a blowdryer, and then flat-ironed with a ceramic iron in small 1/8 inch sections.

Also like a perm solution, a neutralizer is then applied, which locks the style in place. The entire process is labor and time-intensive.

How long does it take the whole process?

It depends on the amount of hair and length.

Basically 2 and a half to 3 hours.

If you like to book an appointment please give us enough time.

Once we check your hair condition we can let you know how long does it take and if you have super curly hair might take a little more.

Japanese hair straightening before and after pictures

Please have a look at our Japanese straightening before and after.

Your hair will amazingly change and we know that all our customers become smile and happy after getting it done.

Best Japanese straightening hair salon in Tokyo

The BONDZSALON is a specialist in Japanese straightening services.

All stylists worked in New York and had a lot of experience of Japanese straightening.

Besides we work on many different hair textures so that we have a lot of knowledge and skill.

If you really want to get a nice result please come to BONDZSALON.

We have many customers who come from overseas and the countryside as well.

Please contact us by call, contact form, or DM from Instagram.

Our hairstylists have experienced working abroad and we know how to take care of foreign hair types.

Please experience our wonderful hair service and hospitality.

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